Full Steam Ahead?

Why not take the opportunity to start some new habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle?

Clean eating is a great way to start. It can be tricky to find the time to cook something that is delicious and healthy when we are all leading busy lives. But there is a simple answer….steam!

 Gaggenau 400 Series Steam Oven arrangement

So what is a steam oven? And how is it different to a combination steam oven?

A steam oven cooks using wet heat, through the input of steam to the oven cavity. They steam food in the same way as a steaming basket which sits on top of a saucepan. But with greater ease, efficiency and control.

A combination steam oven combines the functions of a traditional convection oven with a steam oven. They can produce dry heat, wet heat or a combination of the two. The use of the two together, produces food which is golden brown and crispy on the outside, and moist on the inside.

Some work via a water tank in the side or top of the oven which runs into a small reservoir at the bottom of the oven. The tank is manually filled, and the evaporator heats up to produce the steam. Others create the steam outside the cavity before injecting it in. You can also buy plumbed combi steam ovens. These do not need to be refilled or emptied by hand. Both ‘tank’ and ‘plumbed’ versions are efficient and should be easy to use once you know the basics.

 Gaggenau 200 Series Steam Oven arrangement

What are the pros of steam cooking?

The main benefit of steam cooking is the food cooked in it tastes better. The cooking-time savings are another bonus. You can expect food to cook 20-30% faster using steam or combination steam than in a traditional oven. Texture, flavour and nutrients are not sacrificed as they would be in a microwave. Combi-steam ovens make it easy to warm up pre-prepared food.

Cooking in a steam oven ensures food keeps its flavours, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables stay firm and potatoes don’t become overcooked and start to fall apart. The steam heats the vegetables quickly, while leaving them crisp and flavoursome.

Almost anything you cook in a regular oven, is likely to benefit from some added moisture. They are suitable for cooking a wide variety of food. Not only ideal for meat, fish and vegetables, but also for bread, cakes, grains, pulses, eggs and roasts. There is also no unpleasant taste and odour transfer, so you can make several dishes at once in the same oven. It’s surprising how much you can do.

Steamed Salmon Steaks

I want to buy one – how do I choose?

If you are considering a purchase, be guided your budget. Also think about functionality and how an appliance should work for you.

Domestic Steam Oven technology has been around for almost 20 years. Gaggenau launched the first fully plumbed versions in 1999. Their technology and performance is still regarded as the benchmark for this category. They have long been known as the ultra-premium appliance brand. Food cooked in their steam ovens delivers precision and fabulous cooking results. Something the Gaggenau name is synonymous with.

As the saying goes - you get what you pay for and this is certainly true when it comes to steam ovens from Gaggenau. Hand built, distinctive design, top quality components and the most precise cooking ever.

If you are considering a purchase, be guided your budget. Also think about functionality and how an appliance should work for you.

Inspired by the profession kitchen, all Gaggenau Steam Ovens have side-hinged doors rather than the usual bottom-hinged. Clients can choose a left or right hinging oven to suit the layout of their kitchen. The top of the line combi steam models are fully plumbed and include a glass ceramic roof with grill. They are also fully self-cleaning.

Proud to be a Gaggenau dealer, we can talk to you about these appliances in your design consultation and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Photos ©Gaggenau and ©Snookphotograph