piqu; to design beautiful spaces with passion and creativity

piqu is the creation of Adrian, who thrives on designing beautiful spaces that are formed with passion, individuality, attention to detail and innovation. Constantly embracing new techniques, technologies and materials whilst keeping a respectful eye on classic design values, at piqu, we are able to cater for all needs and aesthetics by offering a full range of cabinetry styles.

Our signature designs focus on the beauty of simplicity with a refined meets relaxed feel. From minimal to statement kitchens, we can provide a tailored design service that tells your story. Our selection of innovative kitchens, designed without limitations, are custom made living spaces that we hope will exceed expectations every time.

In order to deliver beautiful design and exceptional performance, we work with a number of chosen and trusted suppliers to offer you a comprehensive range of both luxury and affordable appliances, work surfaces and accessories, including:-

At piqu, we believe that the kitchen is the heartbeat of your home. A room that is both functional and practical but more importantly a space that excites and drives the soul. A place for anyone and everyone. Our desire is to produce a space which exceeds your expectations and is enjoyed for years to come.


Bsc. MSc. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

9 Houzz Awards