our vision

A journey starts with a small step. Each of us making that step can stride together to the future.

Sustaining our planet by commitment and decisions to do the right thing. A commitment to be our best, to do the best we can.

Taking time to think about our best selves, how our unique selves can craft our future and our happiness. Our unique visions and each of us stepping towards a better world.

Live our differences, together onwards.

Quality, Durability and Flexibility

Buying less, buying better. Investment over fast consumption. To truly think about the future we must take care and consideration in our purchases. Buying once and buying the best we can. Buying quality to last.

Longevity - to last. To create something that stands the stresses and strains of life. Yes to aesthetics but also to practicality, to living, to being part of the family, resilient and worthy.

Your character, your uniqueness. Every project, a one-off. A colour, a feature, a detail. We change, we grow - our families change.

Adaptation and flexibility are the skills for a long and happy partnership.

Thoughtful, Bespoke and Consistent

Every project, every element, every detail - a thoughtful process. The demands, the aesthetics, the durability. Making the kitchen work for today and tomorrow. Flexibility and durability, the key for the future. Hardworking and dependable.

Bespoke and consistent. At their very essence, the core principle, to be tried and tested. To be efficient and functional. To work and to be made by efficient methods that stand the test of time.

At the same time to allow the uniqueness we crave. Colours, materials and choice but within a framework. A careful fusion of efficiency, durability and flexibility.

This is piqu. This is our vision.