How much will a bespoke kitchen cost? 2020 Pricing Guide

A small kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean a small space. Typically a small kitchen is defined by the number of units or cabinetry that is included in the design. For a bespoke Piqu small kitchen there is normally less, so the average cost will start from approximately £25k.

A medium kitchen will likely include more cabinetry plus an island with seating for up to 4 people. The average cost for a bespoke Piqu medium kitchen will start from around £30k.

A large kitchen will tend to include more unique features such as a larder for additional storage, a drinks cabinet, custom banquet seating and probably a larger island with additional seating for 4+ people. The cost for a larger bespoke Piqu kitchen will start from approximately £40k+.

The prices indicated are for complete kitchens and include all bespoke cabinetry, stone worktops, custom taps and handles, kitchen appliances, installation and VAT.

Ultimately at Piqu we will bring you the latest and very best in design and a whole range of materials to suit your style, taste and budget. We are passionate about and wholeheartedly embrace new techniques, technologies and materials and have the ambition and vision to create luxurious spaces that push boundaries and exceed expectations and can also cater for projects £100k+