Aesthetics by Piqu

aesthetics; a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty.

aesthetics by piqu is a culmination of our desire to create signature designs that focus on the beauty of simplicity with a refined meets relaxed feel.

Our philosophy or thinking behind our new aesthetics by piqu range is to create designs that not only look beautiful, but are accessible to everyone, and yet truly personal to you.

We have approached this new range with a fresh perspective, bringing new ideas founded from a wealth of experience, so that we may create designs for you that truly enhance your home experience and enjoyment of the space.

Styles flow in and out of mainstream popularity depending on the feelings and trends of the moment, we have tried to capture a seductive, classic yet contemporary feel to the range, which lends itself to both modern and traditional design schemes. Fundamentally always ensuring standout quality and versatility.

aesthetics by piqu: curved detailing

Inclusion and replication of curved shapes, combined with a strong statement stone, adds depth, dimension, and additional character to any kitchen design. This extra ingredient adds a more intriguing and interesting feel, opens new and exciting design possibilities and it is something that distinguishes one kitchen from another.

Our aesthetics by piqu range offers a tremendous amount of versatility, particularly when it comes to colour scheme. All manner of colour palettes, whether dark and dramatic, light and neutral or vibrant and colourful can be created.

Pick your favourite shade and we can colour match the furniture to create your dream kitchen in your specific and personal choice.

aesthetics by piqu incorporates metallic accents and details with a variety of metal finishes such as bronze, brass and polished nickel.

Handles, switches, lighting and accessories from Corston Architectural Designs are recommended to finish your kitchen in our aesthetics style.

We can offer you a full range of handpicked handles to choose from as well as other components, such as switches, sockets and lighting that can be used throughout your home.

A new kitchen is an investment both financially and emotionally. While a kitchen project is exciting and rewarding, the process requires an investment of money and time and it can be an interruption to family life, so people tend to keep their kitchens for many years.

One way to make your kitchen stand the test of time is to choose a German manufactured kitchen that is built to last. We are very pleased to have worked with a number of trusted German suppliers for many years and are able to deliver your German kitchen in a streamlined and efficient manner.

We believe the best design process is one that is a partnership with you. We take the time to understand your requirements, needs and budget so that you get the very best results.

This is why we recommend beginning with a call or visit to our showroom to chat with our team so we can collate a design brief. It’s helpful if you can share your floor plans and photos at this stage so we can work on a design and some layout options to share with you.

This process is complimentary and allows you to see what your new kitchen might look like. We then spend time working with you to choose and confirm final materials, colours and finishing touches.

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